Workshop on Algorithmic Game Theory: Dynamics and Convergence in Distributed Systems

July 5th 2010, Bordeaux, France





Welcome to AlgoGT 2010

More and more distributed systems include agents that interact in various and varying degrees of collaboration and competition. For example, in telecommunication protocols, inter-domain routing often involves routes that belong to commercial companies whose benefits are function of the involved traffic, and hence function of a global competition. As another example, in the computational grid tasks must often be scheduled on machines, that may belong to several organizations that have their own objectives. This may lead to globally sub-optimal load balancing situations resulting of the competition between organizations that have to optimize their own objectives.

This workshop is devoted to problems related to sharing ressources in network or in distributed systems.

It is to attract to ICALP people usually not to take part in this conference. This workshop it is directly connected to the thematics of Track C and Track A.

Keynote Talks

  • Prof. Berthold Vöcking (University of RWTH Aachen University)
    Uncoordinated Two-Sided Matching Markets
    Various economic interactions can be modeled as two-sided matching markets. A central solution concept to these markets are stable matchings, introduced by Gale and Shapley. It is well known that stable matchings can be computed in polynomial time, but many real-life markets lack a central authority to match agents. In those markets, matchings are formed by actions of selfinterested agents, whose behavior is often modeled by Nash dynamics such as best and better response dynamics. In this talk, we summarize recent results on random Nash dynamics in two-sided markets.

  • Prof. Bruno Gaujal (INRIA, France)
    Optimization in large Markovian systems: reducing the information gap

Topics of Interests:

Original contributions in resource allocation and cooperation for in network or in distributed systems are solicited in, but not limited to, the following directions:

  • Algorithmic Game Theory
  • Evaluations of quality of solutions
  • Algorithms for repeated or dynamic games
  • Notion of stability in distributed System
  • Algorithmic Aspects of Networks
  • Convergence results for distributed system.
  • Self-stabilization.
  • Comparison of centralized versus distributed algorithms

Submission guidelines

The submission will be handled electronically via EasyChair system. Submitted manuscripts should not exceed 8 pages in length. Please use the IEEE Transactions format, 11 pt character size, one column text, one-and-a-half line spacing, letter paper. This page budget should contain all figures, tables, references, etc. The manuscript should also include a brief abstract of up to 150 words. Only PDF files are acceptable; please make sure that the paper prints without problems (take care to embed all required fonts, etc.).



Workshop chairs:

Johanne Cohen (CNRS - PRISM)
Corinne Touati (INRIA Rhone Alpes)


Technical Program Committee:

Roberto Cominetti (Universidad de Chile, Chile)
Pierre Coucheney (INRIA, France)
Eyal Even-Dar (Google Inc, USA)
Yezekael Hayel (University of Avignon, France)
Emmanuel Hyon (University Paris Ouest/LIP6, France)
Yishay Mansour (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
Vangelis Markakis (Athens University of Economics, Greece)
Fanny Pascual (Université Paris 6, France)
Peter Reichl (Telecommunications Research Center Vienna, Austria)

Important Dates:

Submission deadline EXTENDED : April 30, 2010
Notification of acceptance : May 21, 2010
Camera-ready papers due : June 4, 2010